A downloadable PuzzleGame for Windows

Summit is a colorful puzzle/platformer which takes inspiration from classic 3D platformers. It's all about adventure, facing challenges and coming up with creative solutions

This ancient overgrown ruin hides many secrets to uncover, and holds the key to finding your way home again. You will have to find your way around this never-ending monumental spire as the vegetation keeps on increasing, closing in around you.

The player is given only a few mechanics which are used in combination with the environment to solve puzzles, make their own solutions, and eventually reach the top. 

Your character is brave enough to reach the Summit, are you?


Malin Wong - Game Design, Level Design, UI Scripting
Karl Asp - Game Design, Gameplay Scripter, Ai Scripter
Jesper Bentzer - Game Design, Level Design
Emma Ekström - 2D Concept artist, Cinematic artist
Sara Gollbo - 2D Concept Artist, UI Artist
William Höglund Mayer - 2D Concept Artist, Texture Artist
Tua Wester - 3D VFX Artist, Animator, Technical Animator
Tim Wiberg - 3D Environment Artist
Nemanja Zivic - 3D Character Artist, Animator
Mattias Kimber - Gameplay Programmer, Technical Sound Designer
Alan Smail - Gameplay Programmer,  AI Programmer
Henrik Engqvist - Gameplay Programmer
Jonas Petersson - Music


Summit [Download].zip 996 MB

Install instructions

Install instructions below:

Download Zip File - Unzip folder <Summit [Download]>
Launch Game from Summit (.exe)

System requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 3.00GHz or similar
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 510